Equipment and technology to remove a lot of snow, from a lot of driveways – fast.

You contact us for a quote

Complete and submit your quote request and we will email you a quote for the whole season. We may contact you for clarification about your property to make sure we can effectively service it.

We mark your driveway

Before the season starts, we will stake your driveway with our catchy blue driveway markers so our operators can find your driveway. At the end of the season, we’ll pick them up.

We’ll get in touch when we are launching

When the forecast is predicting an accumulation of 5 cm or more snow and depending on what actually accumulates, if we plan to launch our service, we will send you an email so you’ll know when you can expect our fleet to be deployed.

We launch our fleet

Using our GPS fleet management system, we establish the most efficient route possible for each operator to provide the best service in the shortest time possible. When our operator arrives, they will back into your driveway to within 16" of the closest vehicle or building, pull the snow forward and blow it into your yard. Typically, the first pass is just meant to enable customers to get out as soon as possible. Additional cleanup passes are provided, as required, once all customers have received a first pass.

Real-time notifications

When your operator is getting close, we alert you automatically by text, phone or email so that your vehicle can be moved before they arrive.

We support you 24/7

During a storm, our operators are on-call and we have our helpful support staff available via email, 24/7. We take pride in our communication practices that provide peace of mind by ensuring our customers know what to expect, promote transparency and accountability, and contribute to customer satisfaction.

You need Snow Squad

Make the most of your time this winter. Join thousands of happy customers and discover why Snow Squad is Sudbury’s best snow removal company.